Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wasted Travels

I am currently in Australia, and at least half of the travelers are English.
That's cool, but they only seem to live for three things.
  1. Drinking
  2. Hooking up
  3. Sleeping
Many travelers go to a foreign land and spend their whole year abroad in one or two small towns partying.  Why travel when you can do that at home?
Doesn't it make more sense to work a bit at home at a 'proper' job (as opposed to the minimum wage jobs all the travelers work) and go traveling afterwards?

That way they get to actually see the continent rather than a few tourist towns.  They also don't have to worry about money.
Just my opinion though.

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  1. "Yeah I'm just workin' here to save up some money to go travel"
    "Yeah..that's what I said. Twenty years ago."

    The idea is an adventure. It can't be planned.

  2. bro i did that trip its fun as fuck. Head over to Thailand for shit to blow your mind ;)
    Following daily
    Pick up sum lady friends with legit skills you can learn here

  3. hey man, some people just want to live it up

  4. ya man i hear ya, but im not knocking partying either, its fun and exciting to be partying in forein lands, shit that people they know back home dont get to do

  5. it has to be a combination i think...
    anyway... followin!